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Mission & Vision


Islamic Junior Cambridge (IJC) was established in October 2014 by a determined couple who were eager to create a positive, yet relaxed learning environment of Cambridge English – Arabic medium.

IJC’s main concept is to inculcate the Islamic values, to evolve constantly and consistently in creating a reputable quality learning experience for the children.

IJC aims to provide a holistic way of life in accordance to the Deen by adhering to the teaching of Al Quran & Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW from tender age of their lives.

Creating values and building personalities in the early years to aid them in life journey, having a head start coupled with solid foundation growing up as a righteous Muslims, InsyaAllah.

Our Vision

Islamic Junior Cambridge aspire to be a leading multinational Islamic learning centre of choice.

Our Mission

  • We are an Islamic enrichment centre focusing in early childhood education.
  • We provide early Islamic childhood education by adhering to the teaching of Quran and sunnah.
  • Spreading The Deen and Striving to bring Quran and Sunnah as beacons for education excellence
  • To develop righteous muslim throughout their life journey by creating values and building personalities in the early years.

Core Beliefs

1. Deen is our Pillar
2. Quran and Sunnah are our guidelines
3. Sharing of Deen knowledge are our continuous initiatives
4. Children learning progress is our top priority
5. A righteous Muslimah is our core attributes